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Mar 11, 2019

Summary Multiple (1378812) records are inserted into the pr_data_ih_fact table. Error Messages Not Applicable    Steps to Reproduce Unknown Root Cause A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules. Fact data insertion behaved incorrectly. Resolution Apply HFix-47205. SA-65893

Support Article

Feb 19, 2019

Summary Two nodes are configured such that they point to the same database. In one node, all Propositions are deleted through an activity. However, in the other node, all the Propositions are still visible. Error Messages [. PRPCWorkManager : 8] [STANDARD] [ ] [ PegaRULES :07.10] ( les.generated.…

Support Article

Aug 25, 2017

Summary Issue with running email listener in Production environment. Listener authentication configuration is correct and it is connected to email server by using test connection button. However listener sometimes (sporadic, once in every 3-4 hours) fails whithin authentication phase. After…

Support Article

May 23, 2017

Summary User has Next Best Offer (NBO) application running across four nodes and ADM server in one of the four nodes. That is, ADM setup with PRPC Culster Across multiple Data Centers. User could observe that proposition responses are not getting updated properly from all individual nodes. The…

Support Article

Feb 4, 2017

Summary NBO the decisioning application is running across four nodes and ADM server in one of the four nodes. The response captured for any offer in individual nodes are not getting updated properly in the ADM reporting. We could observer the responses of only two node is getting updated compared…

Support Article

Dec 1, 2016

Summary Adaptive Decision Manager (ADM)  and Visual Business Director (VBD) services installed on same server, the user can connect ADM but not VBD. The user has Decision Strategy Manager (DSM) 7.1.7 and Next-Best-Action Marketing (NBAM)  7.12 on Pega 7.1.7. Error Messages ** org.springframework.…

Support Article

Sep 14, 2016

Summary User is having Next Best Action Marketing ( NBAM)  7.12 and Next-Best-Action Advisor ( NBAA )  7.12 on Pega 7.1.7. User has observed LibraryFunctionNotFoundException in NBO production nodes in pegarules log post deployment - addition of Propositions. The same exception is occurring whenever…

Support Article

Jun 19, 2016

Summary Developer requesting for bulk delete activity for ADM models in Pega 7.1.7. This capability was provided under HFIX-23651 in PRPC 6.2 SP2 DSM edition in the past. Error Messages Not Applicable  Steps to Reproduce Developer has to delete a large number of unwanted ADM models one by one. Root…

Support Article

Jun 1, 2016

Summary Developer has reported inconsistency with Date Comparison between the results of Strategy execution when run by Simulation compared to other means. A developer has Contract with a Date Time Property that it must be compared with a Date. This happens in a Decision Table, called by the…

Support Article

May 10, 2016

Summary The Adaptive Decision Manager is not pulling all the Propositions from user's Proposition data. It is only extracting exactly 50 of them. Sometimes there is an error updating the data. Error Messages “Update report data failed due to : Cannot connect to Adaptive Decision Manager” Steps…