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Support Article

Feb 21, 2017

Summary The user has consistently seen these Errors in Production (HTTP Error Communication failure). Once this Issue is noticed, the user will see a Grey Phone Icon. Irrespective of the number of times the users tried to log-in, the Phone Icon consistently stays greyed. However the user is…

Support Article

Feb 19, 2017

Summary Phone Icon being greyed out every time there is an Exception in the backend. Error Messages Failed to find call: 11600 pega.InvalidCallException: Failed to find call: 11600 Steps to Reproduce CSR get connected to a Customer Call. PegaCALL shows the right status. Customer hangs up the call.…

Support Article

Dec 4, 2016

Summary The user is encountered with the error i.e. Failed to start CTILink: Unexpected Error when they start the configured CTI link. User is having two instances which are pointing to same DB. The user has queried why they were getting Auto In and Manual In option when they have logged in and…

Support Article

Nov 11, 2016

Summary The Out-of-the-box (OOTB) CTI Bar provided on PegaCall 7.1.3 for the integration with Avaya Aura Contact Center AACC does not comply with Avaya Specifications. Although it implements the statuses Ready, Not Ready and ACW (After Call Work), it is Always possible to manually select ACW status…

Support Article

Oct 28, 2016

Summary The below error sporadically appears on logout or in the browser status bar when using Chrome {"puPegaCTIErrpr":"Good","pxObjClass":"ChannelServices-Devices-Phone-UI","pyPageExists":"true","pyLoggingEnabled":"false…

Support Article

Oct 26, 2016

Summary  2 CTI links are configured, Primary and Failover. When users are connected to the primary link, the total number of connected devices along connected devices details. When the system switches over to the failover link, the connected device details are not shown. Error Messages Not…

Support Article

Oct 18, 2016

Summary When importing the PegaCALL framework a "no such rule" error is observed. Error Messages "Commit failed because No such Rule-Application instance: Staging:01.01.01.  Rulebase is now in an unknown state.  Terminating import." Steps to Reproduce Log in as administrator@…

Support Article

Aug 4, 2016

Summary A CTI Agent made an outbound call. In the CTI Toolbar there are no options available to transfer the call with Interaction. Error Messages No errors. The option of Transfer with Interaction is not available. Steps to Reproduce 1. Agent 1 creates an outbound interaction. 2. Agent 1 realizes…

Support Article

Jul 28, 2016

Summary Open service tasks are not transferred with the Interaction when performing a warm transfer. Error Messages Not Applicable. Steps to Reproduce Agent 1 receives call from customer. Agent #1 create two service tasks. Resolve Task #1. Leave Task #2 open. Agent 1 successfully warm transfers the…

Support Article

Jul 14, 2016

Summary When an attempt is made to login into the CTI by clicking the phone icon the below error is occurring.  The issue occurs on Google chrome but not on Internet Explorer. Error Messages Presence Agent is not loaded or initialized. Steps to Reproduce Log into the Portal. Click the Phone icon on…