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Support Article

Mar 1, 2017

Summary When the Agent accidentally closes the browser in the middle of live call interaction, Warm or Blind transfer with interaction sub menu is not available upon re-login. The user has CTI and has upgraded from PRPC 6.3 to 7.1.8 version. ​ Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to…

Support Article

Feb 22, 2017

Summary An agent is kicked off from CTI login when another agent logs in with same credentials. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce 1. CSR1 logs in with etxension1. There is an active call in progress or no call in progress. 3. Another CSR logs in with same extension. 4. CSR1 is…

Support Article

Jan 12, 2017

Summary A PegaCALL application has been upgraded to PegaCALL After the upgrade, the CTIToolbar is not functional. The green available icon not showing after a Customer Service Representative (CSR) has login to CTI. Error Messages No error message is getting displayed upon logging…

Support Article

Dec 21, 2016

Summary When logged into PegaCALL the dial pad is not available on the telephony toolbar. Error Messages Not applicable Steps to Reproduce Log in to PegaCALL. Observe there is no mechanism for using the PegaCall dial pad. Root Cause Starting with PegaCALL 7.1.3 ML4 the dial pad is configured to not…

Support Article

Nov 28, 2016

Summary As part of the Avaya Upgrade project to upgrade AVAYA to version 7 and Webshpere, user runs into an issue. After the import of the PEGACALL jar and ecsjtapia jar provided by AVAYA for AVAYA version 7, the AVAYA API version is not getting updated but the PEGA CALL version and…

Support Article

Nov 15, 2016

Summary When a Customer Service Representative (CSR) is logged into CTI and PegaCall and are in an active call, if user clicks the CPM LogOut, gets an exception saying to contact your system administrator.  Error Messages A white tab is displayed that states: There has been an issue: please consult…

Support Article

Oct 9, 2016

Summary A multi-node PegaCALL (ML4) with Remote CTI setup, the CTI fail-over function does not work as expected.    Error Messages In PegaCTI-ciscocti.my_log-2016-Jul-21.log: 2016-07-21 13:11:34,357 [ACD-MessageProcessor] (ti.messages.SystemEventMessage) DEBUG SocketHandlerBase.…

Support Article

Oct 4, 2016

Summary Consult, conference, transfer, transfer with interaction while on consult, and conference call do not work. The options are available, but the selection does not initiate any functionality. The issue occurs when the browser is refreshed. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce…

Support Article

Sep 30, 2016

Summary When using the Customer Service Interaction Portal, it is observed that when trying to perform a " Warm Transfer with Interaction" on the Pega Call toolbar the option is shown twice. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Log in to Pega Call using the Auto-In. Receive an…

Support Article

Aug 25, 2016

Summary Interaction not launched on inbound call post installation of CTI This is happening most of the times. PRPC : 7.1.8 CPMC: 7.1.3 Pega Call Engine: Error Messages Not applicable   Steps to Reproduce 1. Log into CTI. 2. Place an inbound call. 3. Auto launch interaction not…