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C-556 A cover is a work item that is also a parent to one or a few other related work items. Typically one work party — such as the customer party — is present in the cover work item and also present in all the covered work items associated with it. The covered work items are the children in a parent-child relationship.

A cover may also be a parent of other cover objects (and their children). Use a case type rule in the cover class to define the covered objects for the parent cover.

Internally, a cover is a work item in a concrete class derived from the Work-Cover- abstract class.

Covers and folders are two built-in case management facilities that allow your application to support collections of work items.

A cover work item provides a means to coordinate processing of the related work items. Normally, the system resolves a cover work item once all its member covered work items are resolved.


In this example, C-14 is a child cover of cover C-13.

Definitions case management, folder, sample application, subcase, work item, work pool, work type
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