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A work item folder is a work item in a concrete class that inherits from the Work-Folder- class. A folder object holds a collection of one or more other work items (which themselves may be basic work items, other folders, or covers) providing access for analysis and reporting. By convention, the work item ID of folders has the format.

Covers and folders are two built-in facilities that allow your application to support collections of work items. In contrast to covers:


To review or work with a flow rule that creates a folder work item, examine or test the standard flow rule PegaSample-Folder.NewWork.

As a business example, consider a purchasing application where a basic work item is a line item on a single purchase order:

Standard rules

These standard rules support folders:


A folder can be a member of other folder work items. B-13657 wrongclinic 7/14/06

Instances of the Link-Folder class associate of work items with folders.

Definitions cover, harness form, shortcut, work item
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