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In object-oriented terminology, to instantiate a class is to create a new instance (object) of that class.

Broad use

In most PRPC contexts, the verb "create" appears rather than "instantiate". To create a rule, use the New dialog or the Save As dialog. To create a work item, complete the New user form.

Narrow use for cases

In case management applications, "instantiation" has a narrower, specific meaning. A case is a work item that is an instance of a case type — a work class that inherits from Work-Cover- and contains a Case Type rule. You define the case type structure in the Case Explorer. When a new case is created, it is said to be instantiated.

Parent cases are usually instantiated in the New menu in the Case Manager portal. Subcases are instantiated in the following ways:

Caseworkers can instantiate ad hoc work items in the Case Manager portal by right-clicking an existing parent case on the list in the My Cases tab and selecting the Create Ad Hoc Work menu item, or in a work form by selecting the item from the Other Actions... menu.

Definitions class, entry, inheritance, instance, ad hoc work, cover, folder, subcase

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