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Use these links to learn about PRPC tools, accelerators, landing page tabs and wizards that support the development and test of User Interface facilities.

Many wizards and accelerators create work items. You can find open and resolved wizard and accelerator work items at any time using > Application > Tools > All Wizards. (Some wizards use no work items or only temporary work items, which do not appear in this report.)



Condition Builder Configure dynamic form conditions for visibility, refresh behavior, and expand/collapse.
Image Library Locate and preview images in binary file rules.
Live UI

View the hierarchy of artifacts in your application UI. Inspect the harnesses, sections, containers, layouts, cells, and properties of your application at runtime. Make UI adjustments at runtime and publish or discard changes on the fly.

Locale Settings Set temporary values for your current time zone and currency, to control the display of numbers and dates, and to control the dictionary used for spellchecking
Localization wizard Make an application available in one or more additional languages
Portals and Skins Shows the portals in use by the current and built-on applications, their associated skins, and the access groups and operators that use them.
Scratch Pad In the UI Tree, quickly add properties to the Data Explorer in the Report Editor to use in reports.
UI Gallery Provides working examples of user interface presentation alternatives.

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