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Step 1: Select Languages

Note If you have not already done so, read About the Localization wizard. It contains information to help you use the wizard effectively and ensure a successful localization process.

This is the wizard form that appears when you select either> User Interface > Localization Tools > Translate to New Language. Opening this form creates and identifies a new wizard item.

Use this form to select one or more languages into which you want to localize the application.

Use the drop-down list to select a language. Click Add to add rows.

Select the Re-translate existing translations? check box next to a selected language to override a previously translated language export.

Click the x icon to delete a language row.

You can customize the languages in the list by updating the property Embed-Language.pyLanguage. You add the standard Java language locale code and the language name on the table area of the General tab. You can also add sub-locales such as Canadian French (fr_CA).

Click Cancel to resolve the wizard item.

Click Next to proceed to the next step.

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