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About Connect Java rules

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Use a Connect Java rule to define a connector interface between your application and an external Java application or Java class.

Although the Pega 7 Platform offers various ways to interact with existing Java code, using a Java connector is a best practice in most situations. See Using existing Java code — A comparison of design alternatives for information about design options.


Use the Application Explorer or Designer Studio> Integration > Definitions > Implementations to list the Connect Java rules in your application.

Select Designer Studio> Integration > Connectors > Connector and Metadata Wizard to start the Connector Accelerator to create a Connect Java rule.

Use the Records Explorer to list all Connect Java rules that are available to you.


Typically, use the Connector and Metadata accelerator when building a Java connector. The accelerator uses the Java Reflection API to introspect the class or JavaBean's public constructors and public methods. It then generates the appropriate connectors, connector activities, classes, and properties. See About the Connector and Metadata accelerator.

If you create a Java connector rule manually, complete the Service tab first. Then, because introspection is used from the connector rule form, you can select the Java methods you want to call with this connector using SmartPrompt.

In both cases — whether you use the Connector and Metadata accelerator or create the rule using the form — the external Java class or .jar file must be on the Pega 7 Platform class paths. For instructions, see PDN article About the Process Commander Class Paths.


To debug your application, you can simulate a Java connector when the external class is unavailable or lacks a test environment. See Creating Connector Simulations.

Where referenced

Connect Java rules can be referenced in an Integrator shape (Integrator) of a flow rule, or on the Definition tab of a Data Page rule, as the source of data for the contents of the data page.


Connect Java rules belong to the Integration-Connectors category. A Connect Java rule is an instance of the Rule-Connect-Java class.

Standard rules Standard Connect Java rules

Integration-Connectors category