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Completing the Pages & Classes tab

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Use this tab to list the pages used in the steps of this activity. See How to Complete a Pages & Classes tab for basic instructions.



Page Name

Optional Identify each page referenced in a step of this activity, or on other tabs of the form. For activity parameters of type Page, enter the parameter name here (with no PARAM prefix or period) and the class of the page in the Class field.

Optionally, add a row with the keyword Top as the page name, to identify a top-level page. The Top keyword allows you to use the syntax Top.propertyref on other tabs of this rule form to identify properties.


Optional. Select the class of that page.


This page of type mode is deprecated in v7.1+. The field appears in existing rules in which Mode is set to Prompt. As a best practice, use a Page Name parameter instead of this setting. Here is an example of how to change the setting:

  1. For a page named promptAcmePage of mode Prompt, delete the entry on this tab.
  2. On the Parameters tab, create a new parameter of Data Type Page Name named AcmePage (remove the prompt prefix).

When your activity is called, the caller is prompted for a page in the Action Parameters section of the activity step.

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