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Configuring a Split For Each shape

The Split For Each shape provides a form of searching or enumeration over the pages in a property. Use a Split For Each shape to iterate over the pages of a Page List or Page Group property. For each page, you can conditionally start a flow execution for the work item.

  1. Double-click the Split for Each shape.

  2. Complete the fields in the property panel as described in the following table.

  3. The Page group interaction settings section appears only when you select Iterate in the Join field. Complete the fields to select the subscript order, indicate whether the subscript requires an exact match, and to specify whether to start a subprocess for subscript values not yet selected.

  4. Click OK to close the property panel.

  5. Hover on an existing shape in the flow and drag a connector from it to the Split For Each shape.

  6. Hover on the Split For Each shape and drag a connector to an existing shape in the flow.

Processing in the original flow pauses while the subprocesses execute. Processing in the original flow can resume after all the subprocesses complete, after some complete, or after the any one of them completes. You can also specify conditions in which the original flow does not send the work item through the second flow.For an example, see the standard flow Work-.StandardApprovalsAll or similar "approvals" flows.

At run time, the standard function rule AddFlow() is called for each page in the Page List property, and limits this to a maximum of 500 new flows. This limit is imposed to detect and trap possible infinite loops. If required by your applications, you can increase or decrease this limit.

Tip: Right-click a Split For Each shape to view more configuration options.

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