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Using the Accessibility report

Use the Accessibility report to assess your application's level of accessibility compliance. The report uses a chart to illustrate accessibility compliance by rule type and percent (%) of accessibility. You can drill down in the chart to display additional levels of detail about individual accessible elements within the rules.

By default, this tool does not include warnings on rules imported with the Import Archive tool from other Pega 7 Platform systems and not resaved, or rules that were last saved in Version 4 systems.

Starting the tool

The scope and results of this tool depend on your application RuleSets and the currently selected work pool name.

  1. Click the link containing your name at the top of the navigation panel to see the profile display. Review the area titled Application RuleSets to confirm which RuleSets are to be checked by this tool.
  2. SelectDesigner Studio > Application > Tools > Accessibility Report.

PDN Resources

For more information, see PDN article 25259 Use the Preflight tool to report an application's level of accessibility

Which rules are included and excluded

Which rules the report evaluates depends only on your application RuleSets, determined by the application rule identified for your access group.

Don't confuse application RuleSets — an unordered collection of RuleSets supporting this tool and other developer tools — with the RuleSet list, an ordered list of RuleSet Versions used at runtime for rule resolution.

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