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Tools — Application

Use these links to learn about tools, accelerators, landing page tabs, and wizards that support your application and direct capture of objectives.




Access Groups & Users Review the operators that use your application and their associated access groups.
Accessibility Report Assess your application's level of accessibility compliance.
Actors Review the users, external services, or processing agents in your application.
Document Application tool Generate Microsoft Word documents describing your application, including specifications, requirements, and actors.
All Wizards Find open and resolved work items created by wizards or accelerators.
Application Overview Review and update an executive summary of your application, including business objectives, actors, assumptions, and specifications.
Application Packaging wizard Create a product rule containing the classes, rules, and data that make up an application.
Assumptions Display the assumptions for your current development project.
Attachments List and access attachments associated with your application.
Automated Unit Tests Review and update the unit test suites and test cases for regression testing your application.
Check DCO Compatibility Verify that your Framework solution will work with DCO when you build or extend your application.
Checked Out Rules Identify rules that you or another operator has checked out.
Compliance Score Review metrics related to your application's level of compliance with guardrails and best practices.
Compliance Details Understand the distribution of warnings in your application across area of impact, age, and the operators who introduced the risk.
Dashboard Review the results of recently run unit test suites.
Developer Activity Review the number of checked-in rules in your application organized by Operator ID.
Export Create a ZIP or JAR archive containing rules, schema changes, and other data from a product rule or other sources.
Extension Points List all rules that have a method status set to Extension in your application stack.
Heat Map Review a graphical summary of the rules in your application organized by category, rule type, and count.
Import Import a ZIP or JAR archive containing rules, schema changes, and other data into your system.
Inventory Reports List and access the reports available in the application.
Merge Branches wizard Resolve conflicts and move rules from a branch ruleset into the corresponding base ruleset.
Other Applications View application outside of your application stack and optionally lock and roll the rulesets within them to new versions.
Project Management communication link Set up a communication link to the Project Management Framework (PMF) to track project development effort in your application.
Recent Actions Review the history of changes to rules over time.
Referencing Applications Review a list of applications that are referenced by your current application.
Reports View the results of specific unit test suites and test cases.
Requirements Review or edit requirements linked to a specification.
Rule Check-In Approval Use a flow to manage changes to your application.
RuleSet Prerequisites View the relationship between rulesets specified as prerequisites to your application.
RuleSet Stack Access the rulesets that make up your current application.
Schedule Create unit test suites and schedule them for automatic runs.
Sizing Create an Excel spreadsheet used to estimate the duration and size of implementation projects.
Specifications Review or edit specifications linked to an implementation.
Warning Details Review guardrail warnings in a table format.
Warning Summary Review charts detailing the distribution of warnings in your application across rule types and severity level.
Weekly Rule Updates Review a line chart illustrating the number of rules modified in your application over the past eight weeks.