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Enabling case creation and approval by email

You can configure an email account so that users can create cases and approve, reject, or take another action on a case by sending an email without logging in to the application.

  1. Open the Email Wizard by selecting Designer Studio > Integration > Email > Email Wizard and use the wizard to create the email account information. Ensure that you perform the following actions:

    The pyCreateAndManageWorkFromEmail service activity that is configured on the generated service email captures and validates incoming email by checking for a valid work object ID in the subject line. It also checks for a value of true on the allowCreateWork input parameter. After validation, the system creates a new case from the incoming email and delegates processing to the agent pyProcessEmailRequest.

  2. Verify that you can connect to the email server by opening the email account and clicking Test Connectivity in the Sender and Receiver panes.

  3. Verify that the listener you created is running.

  4. Configure the Approval step so that users can approve or reject cases. See Enabling email approval