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Unit Test Suites

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Unit Test Suites identify a collection of Test Cases and their rulesets, and a user (Operator ID) whose credentials are used to run the Unit Test Suite. Unit Test Suites are used to automatically run groups of test cases together and make unit testing more efficient.

You must have the AutomatedTesting privilege to work with unit test suite rules. For information about how to enable this privilege, see Automated Unit Testing.

You can create a unit test suite that includes all the test cases for a specific rule type, or you can select individual rules and specify the sequence in which to run them.

To run a unit test suite, use the Schedule gadget on the Automated Unit Testing landing page. From that gadget, you can choose to run the unit test suite immediately or schedule the run for a future time.

For unit test suites that are scheduled to run at future times, an agent activity in the Pega-AutoTest agents rule checks for unit test suite requests every five minutes and runs those that are due. When the agent activity finishes running a unit test suite, it sends an email message with the results. By default, this completion email message is sent to the person who scheduled the unit test suite run, and to any additional email addresses specified at the time the run is scheduled. If no email addresses are specified at the time the run was scheduled, no email message is sent.


Use the Automated Unit Testing landing page to work with the Unit Test Suites that are available to you. You can:


Unit Test Suites are instances of the Rule-AutoTest-Suite class. They belong to the SysAdmin category.

SysAdmin category