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Adding a predictor to an adaptive model

You add predictors that you want to use in your adaptive model. You can add as many rows as you need for predictors. Select existing single-value properties, or create new properties.

  1. Check if the Entitled to use predictors in adaptive models option is selected in the Services landing page. If this setting is not selected, you can define and use adaptive models in your application, but these models cannot operate based on predictive data.
  2. Open an instance of the Adaptive Model rule from Records Explorer > Decision > Adaptive Model.
  3. Click the Predictors tab.
  4. In the Predictors section, click Add predictor.
  5. In the Name field, select an existing single-value property or click the plus icon to create a new property.
  6. Select predictor's type from the list.
  7. Click Save. The new property is added to the list in the Predictors section.