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The RuleBase Compare wizard

You can use the Rulebase Compare wizard to identify differences in the rules present on two Pega Platform systems. For example, you can use the tool to confirm the success of a product migration between systems, or to identify the changes needed to synchronize two systems.

Starting the Tool

Select Designer Studio> System > Refactor > RuleSets > Rulebase Compare to start the wizard. For instructions on the form, see Using the Rulebase Compare tool.

You specify the target system and the RuleSet or a Rule-Admin-Product rule to compare. The same RuleSet or Rule-Admin-Product must be on both systems. The comparison processing is performed on the system on which you are running the Rulebase Compare wizard.


The wizard generates a report summarizing the actions you can make on the target system to match the target system with the source system. The wizard identifies three types of actions:

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