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Attaching information to a case

You can use the Attach Content shape to control the kind of information that is added to a case. By attaching relevant correspondence and documentation, you can centralize the supporting information for a case.

  1. Add the Attach Content shape to the life cycle of your case.

    1. In the Explorer panel, click Cases, and then click the case type that you want to open.

    2. On the Workflow tab, click Life cycle.

    3. Hover over a process in a stage, and then click + Step > More > Utilities > Attach Content.

      For advanced processes, click Configure process to add the shape to the flow canvas.

    4. Click Select.

  2. In the Attachment type list, click an option that describes the format of the expected attachment.

  3. Optional: To define a business classification for the attachment, press the Down Arrow key in the Attachment category field, and select an option.

  4. Enter a value in one of the following fields, based on the Attachment type that you selected:

  5. In the Attachment description field, enter text that describes why the attachment is added to the case.

  6. Click Save.

To find the current attachments for a case, inspect the values of the standard properties pyAttachments and pyAttachmentCategories on the clipboard.