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Updating case information

You can use the Update Case shape to modify information, such as a description or priority, for one or more cases. By maintaining case information automatically, you can save time and resolve cases more quickly.

  1. Add the Update Case shape to the life cycle of your case.

    1. On the Workflow tab, click Life cycle.

    2. Hover over a process in a stage, and then click + Step > More > Utilities > Update a Case.

      For advanced processes, click Configure process to add the shape to the flow canvas.

    3. Click Select.

  2. Indicate how many cases to update.

  3. In the Data transform field, press the Down Arrow key and select a data transform that sets property values in the case.

  4. Click Save.

At run time, the data transform is applied to one or more cases. If an update to any child case fails, all changes made by the data transform are rolled back.