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Tuning a requestor pool configuration

By using the Requestor Pools landing page, you can tune requestor pool configuration to ensure the most effective use of system resources. For example, you can resize a requestor pool to adapt to incoming demand on requestors.

To tune a requestor pool for a service package, analyze the pool metrics and modify threshold values for the requestor pool. By analyzing the metric, you can evaluate the requestor pool performance and identify possible bottlenecks.

For example, if the requestor pool is fully in use and no idle requestors are available, then a new incoming request waits for a requestor to become idle. After the maximum waiting time passes, the new request times out. In this situation, you might want to increase values of idle requestors and maximum wait according to the expected load.

To view and manage requestor pools on the Requestor Pools landing page, you must have the following privileges:

  1. Click Designer Studio > System > Operations > Requestor Pools.

  2. Optional: Clear a requestor pool.