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Organizing flow shapes in swimlanes

Use Swimlanes to organize and graphically identify a related group of shapes that are performed within a specific work context (typically a work group) or business purpose. A router activity identified in the lane shape, or specified on the Routing section of the Assignment, is associated with Assignment shapes inside the lane. During processing work items are routed to the appropriate user worklist or work queue defined by the router.

For example, an insurance claim application has one assignment instructing operators to collect customer information, another to verify the information and calculate payments, and a third to issue payments and update financial records. You want each to have its own work group and work queue. You create three swimlanes named CSR, Back Office, and Fulfillment, in a pool named Insurance Claim Process. Each lane has a router activity associated with the assignments within it. During flow processing, the router assigns the work item to the appropriate work queue inside the lane.

Swimlanes are not available for screen flows.

  1. In the toolbar of the Flow form, click the Flow shapes icon, and then click Advanced Shapes > Swimlane.

  2. Double-click the swimlane.

  3. When the Swimlane properties panel appears, enter a name for this shape to the Swimlane:[Swimlane] heading. The shape name is only descriptive; it does not affect runtime execution. This name also appears inside the Swimlane shape on the diagram. If a name is not specified, the Swimlane will take the name of the optionally-assigned router activity.

  4. Complete the fields in the Swimlane section described below.




    Optional. You can select a router activity here. The default Router is ToCurrentOperator. By default, the swimlane Router applies to all assignments inside the lane. Routers defined in Assignments dragged into the lane are overwritten.


    The router activity you select may accept input parameters that will appear in the box below. Supply a value for each parameter. Parameter values are validated when you Save.

  5. Click Submit to close the panel when you have completed your edits.

Working with swimlanes and router pools

Orientation and positioning

Guidance for upgrading users

In releases prior to PRPC Version 5.5, pools and swimlanes defined and separated processing performed by distinct organization units within one division, or that depended upon the value of a work item property. Pool and swimlane shapes in such versions will function as originally configured in PRPC Version 5.5 and later. You cannot add more lanes for organization units or property values.

As a best practice, upgrade them to router pools, which use swimlanes that employ router activities. This enables you to more precisely direct assignments to user worklists and work queues and illustrate router behavior.