Geolocation tracking

Geolocation tracking captures the longitude and latitude coordinates of case workers as they process a case. By default, this capability is enabled in the case types that you create.


You can view geolocation information in a Google Map or case history. If you have access to Dev Studio, you can retrieve information from the pyRecordHistoryList.pxResults clipboard page.

Before using the geolocation tracking feature in your application, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:
  • Consult local laws for possible restrictions on location tracking.

  • Update the uiengine/map/googleapikey Dynamic System Setting with your Google Map API license key.

    You must switch from App Studio to Dev Studio to update this setting.

  • Accept your browser prompt, which is displayed when you process an assignment, to permit location tracking.

    If you dismiss the prompt, it may disable geolocation tracking. You can refresh your browser to be prompted a second time.