Step types

Each step in a process has a type, based on the functionality that it provides. By using a variety of step types, you can make your cases more interactive.

For example, you can use steps in a Mortgage case to retrieve a customer's financial history, prompt a case worker to calculate a new interest rate, and notify a case manager when the terms of the loan are ready for approval. You choose a step type when you define the a case life cycle.

The following step types are supported:

Collect information

Assigns a task, which you define in a form with fields, to a user or work queue.


Assigns a task to a user, typically a manager, to review case information and then decide whether the case is approved.

You can customize the form for this task.


Calls another process, or flow, from the current process.

User actions

Assigns a predefined task to a user or work queue.


Provides preconfigured functionality, such as sending an email or creating a case.