The PublicAPI is the supported public interface to the rules engine. As such, the PublicAPI is sometimes referred to as the Engine API. The keyword tools identifies the PublicAPI interface in Java calls.

The PublicAPI includes the following classes:*;            // Classes common to most public interfaces.*;  // Clipboard, Page, and Property*;    // Requestor, Thread, and Node*;   // Relational database access*; // Dictionary validation interface*;  // Java generation*;        // Reports statistics about a Thread*;    // Activities, Data Transforms, Whens, Streams*;       // Miscellaneous utilities

You can access the home page of the Javadoc documentation for the PublicAPI from Dev Studio. From the Resources menu, click Engine API.

Use of Pega Platform Java packages, classes, methods, or interfaces that are not part of the public interface might result in code that fails, or code that returns incorrect results.