Referencing data from another data type

Create reusable data for your application and build easy to maintain forms by using a data reference.

A data reference is a field in your data model that is linked to a data type in your application. When you add a data reference to a form, it prompts users to select a data record, or instance of the data type. For example, you can reference the Vehicle data type on an accident claim form to display a list of car models.

Note: Unlike fields and forms that are specific to a case type, data types are accessible throughout your application. You can create data references in different case types that are linked to the same data type.

You can reference a data type in the following ways:

  • Adding a new field to a form and setting the field type to Data reference.
  • Selecting a data type in the Reuse fields panel. This technique automatically creates and configures a data-reference field.
  • Selecting an existing data reference in the Reuse fields panel.
  • Adding a data reference field to a data type or case type.
  1. Access the data model for a data type or a case type, based on how the field will be used in your application.
  2. Click + Add field.
  3. Enter the name of the data reference.
  4. In the Type column, select Data reference from the list of options.
  5. In the Options column, select a data type from the autocomplete field.
  6. Click Done.