Collaborating on shared content by using documents

You can use documents in the Case Manager and Case Worker portals to share information with all users of your application. The Documents landing page consolidates all the shared content for your application in one place. Documents enable you to resolve cases more quickly by making it easier to collaborate on important case content with other users.

For example, you are an approver for Car Loan cases and you want to discuss the address proof document for a case with other approvers. You can open the document from the case and use Pulse to consult other approvers.
Unlike attachments, documents offer the following features:
  • You can create documents directly in your application by using the built-in rich text editor. When you create a document by uploading a file, you can provide a name for the document and use the rich text editor to add a description. You can also update documents later if needed.
    Note: You cannot annotate image documents.
  • Documents are always created within the context of your application, and are not limited to a case, a space, or a Pulse conversation. However, you can reference the same document from multiple cases and spaces in your application.
  • You can use Pulse to discuss a document with other users of your application.

The following tasks can help you share information with other users by using documents: