Web Chatbot preview console

The preview console provides controls to build and verify whether the Web Chatbot channel is working correctly. You can test the system and custom responses to commands or other input that you enter, against the intents, topics, and text analyzer rules that are associated with your Web Chatbot configuration.

In the preview console, you can:

  • Add a new response command for an intent that is generated.
  • Display more details about the bot. You can:
    • Configure questions.
    • Configure responses and commands.
    • View the sentiment of the command that you enter.
    • See how long it takes the chatbot to make a reply that is based on artificial intelligence.
    • View the topic and the confidence of assigning it to the command.
    • View, map, or create entities for a command.
  • Configure topics for a command. You can:
    • Map a command to an existing topic in the model, if the chatbot does not recognize the command that you enter.
    • Map a command to the correct topic in the model, if the chatbot responds incorrectly to the command.
    • Update information in the model to specify that the topic that is assigned to the command is correct.
    • Add more examples of commands for a topic to the training data.
  • Display and configure authentication.
  • View the current case assignment, case name, and case identifier.
  • Assign entities to case properties for extraction.
  • Build the model to improve the chatbot artificial intelligence capability, based on your configuration changes.
  • Remove all the conversation details from the preview console.