Configuring the Web Chatbot channel

You can configure the Web Chatbot channel in your application by creating different channel interfaces. By configuring a Web Chatbot channel, you use it as a Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant in your application that is embedded on any website. Users can enter commands in the embedded chat window to perform defined actions such as displaying a menu of commands or creating cases for the application.

The Web Chatbot channel takes advantage of similar bot capabilities that are available to the Facebook channel interface. However, you have full control over the end-to-end communication and no additional accounts or third-party installation is necessary.

  1. In the Explorer panel, click Interfaces.
  2. In the Create new channel interface section, click Web Chatbot.
  3. In the Channel interface name field, enter a name for the Web Chatbot channel interface.
  4. Optional: To distinguish this channel interface from other channel interfaces that use the Web Chatbot channel, enter short text in the Description field that describes the purpose of the channel interface.
  5. Click the Connection tab.
  6. In the Template operator ID list, click the name of an existing Pega Platform operator.
    This value is used as a template from which all accounts are created. Each account has a unique Web Chatbot identifier set as its ID.
  7. Click Save.