Configuring a topic in the Web Chatbot preview console

When you simulate a conversation in the preview console for a Web Chatbot channel, the chatbot uses artificial intelligence to assign a topic for the command that you enter. Increase the chances that the chatbot responds correctly in the future, you can map the right topic for the text, and then rebuild the model.

  1. In the preview console, enter a command or a greeting message.
    A topic that the chatbot selects for the command appears below the text that you enter.
  2. Configure a topic for the text that you enter:
    Option Description
    The chatbot does not understand the command
    1. Click Define topic.
    2. Select a topic.
    3. Click Submit.
    The chatbot chooses an incorrect topic for the command
    1. Click the name of the topic that the chatbot selected.
    2. Select the correct topic for the entered text.
    3. Click Submit.
    The chatbot chooses a correct topic for the command Click the Like icon to add the guessed choice to the model.
  3. Optional: When you make all the configuration changes in the preview console, rebuild the model by clicking Build.