Defining a routing condition

Define a routing condition for an action to setup intelligent email routing so that Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) for Email knows how to respond to an email from a user.

  1. Open an Email channel interface. For more information, see Configuring the Email channel.
  2. Click the Behavior tab.
  3. Click +Add condition in the Intelligent routing section.
  4. In the Action list, click an action to perform when routing the email content: Automatic reply, Create a case, Route to operator, or Route to work queue.
  5. In the Value field, enter an email template, case name, operator, or work queue.
  6. Define under which criteria to carry out the action.
    1. In the first list, click the field to use as the criterion: Header > From (email), Header > From (name), Header > To (email), Header > Subject, NLP > Entities > name, NLP > Topic, NLP > Sentiment, NLP > Language, Condition.
    2. In the second list, click a comparator, for example: is equal.
    3. In the last field, enter a value for the criterion to match or not match.
    4. Optional: If you selected NLP > Topic in step 6.a, define the confidence threshold:
      1. Click the Configure icon next to the field with the topic name criteria to match or not match.
      2. In the Confidence threshold list, click a comparator, for example: Is greater than.
      3. In the list, click a value between 0.1 and 1.0.
      4. Click OK.
    5. Optional: If you selected NLP > Language in step 6.a, in the list click the name of the language.
    6. Optional: If you selected Condition in step 6.a, in the field enter or select a when rule
  7. Optional: Click + and repeat step 6 to define additional criteria of the condition.