Enabling the analysis of attached files during email triage

You can enable the automatic analysis of content of attached files in received email messages during email triage. Enabling this option allows the system to quickly detect previously defined entities not only in the contents of email messages but also in files that are attached to email messages.

The system uses the defined text analyzers to detect entities in the content of received email messages. The system also detects entities in the content of a file that is attached to an email message when the file is one of the following types: DOC/DOCX (Microsoft Word), ODT (Open Document Format), PDF (Portable Document Format), RTF (Rich Text Format), and TXT (Simple Text).

Note: You can also enable analysis of content in attached files based on a when rule. Only when the when rule holds true the content of the attached files in the email is analyzed.
  1. Open an Email channel interface. For more information, see Configuring the Email channel.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. From the Additional settings section:
    • To always analyze email attachments, in the Analyze email attachments list, click Always.
    • To analyze email attachments based on a when rule, in the Analyze email attachments list, click When and in the adjacent field select an existing or define a when rule.
  4. Click Save.