Tracking configuration changes in Email channels

To make the Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Email more useful and easy to manage, track channel configuration changes that you or other operators make directly in the Email channel. This is particularly important when several operators are working together to create an Email channel.

When you display the history of an Email channel, each configuration save record is shown in a separate row. The record displays the time and date and the operator who made the changes. You can compare the contents of any two configuration save records.

  1. Open an Email channel interface. For more information, see Configuring the Email channel.
  2. Click the History tab.
  3. Click View full history.
  4. Optional: To compare two records:
    1. In the Compare column select the check boxes for a saved record for the two records to compare.
    2. Click Compare.
    3. Close the Rule Diff Utility.
  5. Optional: To add a timestamped memo, enter text in the Add Memo text area and click Add Memo.