Custom mobile app branding and layout

Before you build a custom mobile app, you can customize its branding and layout to suit your needs and your company's specific requirements. Upload images to Pega Platform, and then use them to customize the splash screen, application icon, and other branding assets.

On Android devices, you can change the presentation of a custom mobile app by customizing the title and message of the notification that is displayed in the device notification area when the user pauses the app. You can also choose between a single webview and a multiple webview layout, configure the appearance of the bottom bar, and use native components to generate the user interface of your custom mobile app.
Note: Custom mobile app layout options do not take effect for custom mobile apps that are based on Pega Mobile Client.
You can also set certain presentation settings, such as webview or splash screen background color, at the application building stage. For more information, search for the article Overriding Mobile Apps form settings with Pega Mobile Client properties on Pega Community.
Note: If you do not provide custom assets, your custom mobile app applies the default Pega branding.