Custom mobile app

A custom mobile app is a native application for Android or iOS device platforms, which you can build on the Channels and interfaces form.

Compared to the Pega Mobile Express and Pega Mobile Preview applications, a custom mobile app gives you access to a number of important functions. These functions differ, depending on whether you are building your custom mobile app based on Pega Infinity Mobile Client or Pega Mobile Client.

If you are building a custom mobile app that is based on Pega Infinity Mobile Client, you can use:

  • Custom branding and layout - Lets you configure mobile app layout and build mobile apps with your company's icons, colors, and styles.
  • Push notifications - Allows custom mobile apps to automatically push notifications to a mobile device.
  • Building mobile apps - Lets you configure, compile, and test custom mobile apps for different mobile platforms.
  • Distributing mobile apps - Allows you to distribute custom mobile apps using different distribution channels.

If you are building a custom mobile app that is based on Pega Mobile Client, you can additionally use, at the expense of app initiation time and run time speed:

  • Uploading custom modules - Lets you upload custom modules that have been created to extend the functionality of the Pega Platform mobile apps.
  • System info pages - Enables access to system information and settings.
Note: Offline-enabled custom mobile apps cannot display multiple webviews, therefore, if you are building an offline-enabled custom mobile app, mobile app layout options do not take effect.