Configuring additional custom mobile app security for Pega Mobile Client

Increase the security of your custom mobile apps by configuring automatic app locks, and by adding convenient and secure mechanisms to unlock them.

Before you begin: Ensure that Mobile Client 7 is selected as a client version in the Release channels section of the Build your application panel.
  1. In the navigation panel of App Studio, click Interfaces.
  2. Choose the app for which you want to configure protection:
    Option Description
    New app In the Create new channel interface section, click Mobile, and then click the Configuration tab.
    Existing app
    1. In the Current channel interfaces section, click the icon that represents your existing mobile app, and then click Modify build.
    2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. On the Configuration tab, expand the Security section, and then select the Enable additional app protection check box.
  4. Set the app to unlock with the device PIN and biometric sensor by clicking Enable device lock.
    When you select this setting, users can use the device PIN or biometric sensor to unlock the app when it is in offline mode.
    Note: If a user signs out manually, the app needs to be online to re-establish a new authorization session.
  5. Optional: To lock the app after a period of time since the last authentication, select the Enable maximum login time period check box and enter the timeout.
  6. Optional: To lock the app after a period of inactivity, configure the access group settings for the operator.
  7. Click Save.