Configuring search in custom mobile apps

To help enhance the overall user experience, you can configure mobile search in a custom mobile app. You can modify how the online search is handled, provide search categories, and define the default icon to use for the search.

Note: Using the mobile search capability in a custom mobile app requires UI Kit 12 or higher.
  1. In the Explorer panel, click Interfaces.
  2. In the Current channel interfaces section, click a custom mobile app tile.
  3. On the Layout tab, in the Layout area, hover over Search widget selection.
  4. Click Configure and then click an option that opens the pySearchConfiguration rule.
  5. Specialize or check in the rule. Remember that only the pySearchConfiguration identifier is permitted.
  6. In the Online search configuration section, in the field enter the minimum number of characters that must be entered by a user to begin the search in the mobile app.
  7. Optional: Configure categories for the mobile search capability.
  8. In the Advanced section, specify the default icon to use when no icons are used for search categories.
    1. Click the Configuration icon.
    2. In the Image catalog field enter a catalog or image name.
    3. Click Find to locate an image to use as a default icon.
    4. Select an image and click OK.
  9. Click Save.