Configuring the bottom bar

Modify an existing bottom bar definitions or create a new definition by adding, editing, or removing navigation rule nodes. Pega Platform stores bottom bar definitions in navigation rules.

Before you begin: Configure a multiple webview layout and open a navigation rule with a bottom bar definition.
When you create a new navigation rule with a bottom bar definition, and save the mobile channel with the new navigation rule selected, the bottom bar definition is created as a new portal with the same name as the mobile channel. Each new bottom bar definition appears in the Portal record as a new portal instance with a duplicate. Do not delete the duplicate.
Note: Custom mobile apps that are based on the Pega Mobile Client, for example, to enable offline capability, or to use JavaScript APIs or custom modules, support only a single webview layout.
  1. Optional: When the navigation rule opens, create a new navigation rule instance by clicking Save as.
    1. On the New form, enter a new name and a new identifier for the navigation rule.
    2. In the Context area, select your application, and then click Create and open.
  2. On the Editor tab, select Validate for mobile bottom menu usage check box, and then select the nodes that you want to display on the bottom bar:
    • To edit the node, double-click the node in the Label column, and go to 3.
    • To delete the node, click the node, and then click Delete.
    • To add a node, click Add above or Add below, and go to 3.
  3. If you edit or add a node, configure the node options:
    1. On the Generaltab, define a label for the node.
    2. In the Image Source field, select Icon Class, and then define an icon for the node.
    3. In the Image Source field, select Standard (label for field).
    4. On the Actions tab, click Add an action > All actions > Harness.
    5. In the Target field, select New document.
    6. Define the tab name and harness.
    7. Define other details, such as data transform, activity and transitions, as necessary.
    8. Save your changes to the node by clicking OK to.
  4. Click Save.
  5. In your mobile channel, click Save.
What to do next: To make the bottom bar portal available to application users, open the User access group for the application, and then add the new portal to the Available portals list.