Configuring a multiple webview layout

Configure a multiple webview layout for your custom mobile app to enhance navigation and facilitate multitasking. By default, when you build your custom mobile app based on the Pega Infinity Mobile Client, the app uses a layout with multiple webviews, and you can configure the appearance of the bottom bar. A bottom bar provides instant navigation between application screens. You can switch between multiple open cases without reloading the content or losing unsaved changes. You can also configure your custom mobile app to run in a single webview that helps conserve device resources.
Before you begin: Navigate to the mobile channel.
  1. On the Layout tab, in the Layout section, in the Application layout area, select Mobile - Slide Up.
  2. Hover over the Mobile - Slide Up tile, click Configure, and then select a navigation rule.
    To see a complete list of available navigation rules, clear the auto-complete field.
  3. Optional: To modify an existing navigation rule or create a new one, click the Open icon and configure the bottom bar.
  4. In the Bottom menu style area, select the style of the bottom bar.
  5. Enable refreshing the contents of the webview with a swipe down gesture by selecting Enable 'Pull to refresh'.
  6. Click Save.