Configuring a search action in a custom mobile app

To use the native search capability in a custom mobile app, you must define a mobile search action in the user interface. You can define the mobile search action anywhere within a section. For example, you can define this action for a button. When a user clicks that button, a native search is enabled so that the user can more quickly find the relevant content.

If you defined a list of search categories in the pySearchConfiguration rule, you can select the categories from the list that you want to display to the user during a search. By default, the header for the mobile search user interface control uses the color from the application's skin, the mobile header background value.

Note: The mobile search action is only supported in custom mobile apps.
  1. Edit a section.
  2. Click the View properties icon to open the Cell Properties panel for a user interface control, for example, a button.
  3. Click the Actions tab.
  4. Click Create an action set.
  5. Click Add an action.
  6. Click All actions and then click Mobile search.
  7. Optional: Select the Display only selected categories check box and in the list of available categories, select the categories to display in the mobile search user interface control.
  8. Click Submit.