Configuring a single webview layout

Configure a single webview layout for your custom mobile app to improve the performance of your application. You can use a web portal that is different from the default one that is specified in the access group for the application.

By default, when you build your custom mobile app based on the Pega Infinity Mobile Client, the app uses a layout with multiple webviews, and you can configure the multiple webview layout and the appearance of the bottom bar. A custom mobile app with the bottom bar is quicker to navigate, and allows you to work on multiple cases at the same time.

If you have defined several web portals for the application and associated them with the access group for the application, you can create a custom mobile app for each of the web portals.

  1. On the Layout tab, in the Layout area, select Reuse web portal.
  2. Hover over the Reuse web portal tile, click Configure, and then select a web interface from a list.
  3. Enable refreshing the contents of the webview with a swipe down gesture by selecting Enable 'Pull to refresh'.
  4. Click Save.