Configuring maximum offline attachment size

You can configure the Attach Content control in an offline-enabled application so that you can attach files to the application when you are not connected to the network. You also set the maximum size of the file that can be attached by users. This setting ensures that the application accepts only file attachments up to the specified size, for device performance, memory limitation, or security reasons.

  1. In Dev Studio, click Configure > Mobile > Offline.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. In the Maximum offline attachment size (in MB) field, enter the maximum size of a file (in MB) that can be attached while working in offline mode.
    By default, the maximum size of a file that can be attached in an application while working in offline mode is 3 MB. If you connect to Pega Platform by using Pega Client for Windows or a custom mobile app running on the Android or iOS device, and the offline case attachment support is disabled, attachment size cannot exceed 6 MB. Additionally, the offline attachment maximum size cannot exceed the online attachment maximum size setting that is specified in the Pega Platform dynamic system settings.
  4. Click Update.