Configuring the RunScript action on the button

Enter the required parameters, so that at run time the button starts the optional process chosen by the user.

  1. In the Actions tab, click Create an action set.
  2. In the Action set table, click Add an event > Click.
  3. In the Other category, click Add and action > All Actions > Run script.
  4. In the Function name field, enter: pega.ui.HarnessActions.addFlowFromActionsMenu
  5. In the Parameters section, click the Add a row icon.
    1. In the Name field enter flowType
    2. In the Value field enter the name of the flow which will be launched, in double quotation marks.
    3. Click the Add a row icon.
    4. In the Name field enter flowClass
    5. Value field enter the class to which the process belongs, in double quotation marks.
  6. Click Submit.