Use sections in conjunction with harnesses to define the appearance of user forms, rule forms, or composite portals.

A section defines the appearance and contents of one portion of a form.

Work information and functionality are grouped into sections by context and purpose. Each section can be included in other sections so that you can reuse them in a variety of contexts.

Pega Platform contains many standard harnesses and sections that you can copy and tailor to meet your application needs.

> Layouts

Layouts organize properties and controls within a section.

Layout cells contain properties, labels, controls, or other sections. There are various types of layouts that dictate how cells are arrayed. Layouts can be automatically converted into a sections so that they can be reused in other harnesses, sections, or flow actions.

> Controls

Information about a work item is entered or displayed in controls such as text areas, drop-down lists, check boxes, or calendars. Many controls are configured so that they meet, without further refinement, most of your process requirements. To add a control, drag and drop it onto a layout cell.

From the toolbar in a section, you can add layouts and controls to your section.

Layout Screen Layout    
  Basic layouts  
Row/List based layouts    
Ajax based layouts    
Basic Button Check box Adding a DateTime control to a layout Calendar Dropdown
Icon Label Radio Buttons TextArea  
Input Box          
Advanced AutoComplete Chart Data Field Data Visualization
Information Mashup Menu Bar Paragraph Rich Text Editor  
Smart Label Video      

> Where referenced

Rules of the following types can reference a section:

  • Harnesses
  • Other sections
  • Paragraph rules, as the contents of a pop-up SmartInfo window.

> Access

Use Application Explorer to access sections that apply to the work types in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all the sections available to you.

> Development

For sections that use the SmartFrames format, you can maintain the section directly from the Harness rule form (as well as from the Section form).

> Category

Sections are instances of the Rule-HTML-Section class. They are part of the User Interface category.