Pinning content to a space

A pin is a reference to a file, URL, document, case, or space. By pinning content that supports a discussion in a space, you can communicate with the space members more effectively. For example, you can pin the job profiles of prospective candidates to the Hiring space.
Ensure that you have owner or member access to the space:
  1. In the navigation panel, click Spaces.
  2. Choose the spaces in your application to view.
    • To view the private and public spaces, and unlisted spaces of which you are a member, click All spaces.
    • To view only the spaces of which you are a member or an owner, click My spaces.
  3. Click the space to which you want to pin content.
  4. On the Board tab, click Add content.
  5. In the Create pin box, select a pin type.
  6. Select a type of content to pin to the space:
    • For the Case, Document, or Space pin types, press the Down Arrow key, and then choose a value from the field that appears, or upload a file.
    • For the URL pin type, enter a URL in the field that appears.
  7. Optional: Update the pin title and image.
    The title and image appear in the pin preview on the Board tab.
  8. Click Pin to space.
  9. Optional: To pin the current space to another space, click Actions > Pin to space, and then choose or create the spaces to which you want to pin the current space.
  10. Optional: To pin the content to another space, perform the following actions:
    1. Hover over the pin, and then click the Show more icon.
    2. Click Repin.
    3. In the dialog box, choose or create the spaces to which you want to pin the content.
The content that you pin appears on the Board tab of a space, which provides a comprehensive overview of the content that is linked to the space.