Deleting a pin from a space

Delete a pin from a space when the pin is no longer relevant For example, in the Hiring space, you can delete the job profiles of candidates who have not cleared interviews.

Ensure that you have owner or member access to the space:
Note: If you are a member of a space, you can only delete pins that you create.
  1. In the navigation panel, click Spaces.
  2. Choose the spaces in your application to view.
    • To view the private and public spaces, and unlisted spaces of which you are a member, click All spaces.
    • To view only the spaces of which you are a member or an owner, click My spaces.
  3. Click the space from which you want to delete a pin.
  4. On the Board tab, search for the pin that you want to delete.
  5. Hover over the pin, and then click the Show more icon.
  6. Click Delete.