Discussing content in a space by using Pulse

To provide additional information to content that you add to a space, you can collaborate with other users of your application by using Pulse. For example, you can prepare and collaborate on a draft of a presentation that your team is to deliver.

  1. In the user portal that you use, for example Case Manager, click Spaces.
  2. Select the space that contains a document that you want to discuss.
  3. In the Recent content section, select the document.
  4. Use Pulse to discuss the document with other users by performing the following actions:
    • Click Add attachments to attach files to your Pulse comments.
    • Click Formatting help for information about the formatting options.
    • Click Post to send your comments.
  5. Optional: Perform additional actions to control document notifications, modify content, add tags, and so on by using buttons on the right:
    • To receive notifications for the document when you are not the owner, click Actions and select Follow.
    • To modify the document, click Edit.
    • To add tags to the document, modify your notification preferences for the document, pin the document to a space, or delete the comment, click Actions and select the relevant option.