Localizing forms by using the Localization inspector

Use the Localization inspector to review and update field value rules in language-specific rulesets that are associated with labels, captions, messages, tooltips, and other text elements on user forms and portal displays.

Before you begin:  Complete the steps that are described in Checking the translated values in the application and open a user portal for your application.
  1. Click the Open runtime icon in the bottom corner of the screen.
  2. Click the Open Localization inspector toolbar icon.
  3. For any field value that needs to be changed, do the following steps.
    1. In the Localization pane, find and select the rule that corresponds to that field value.
      Selected fields are highlighted in the application pane and in the Localization pane.
    2. To see the attributes for the rule, click the Translates to icon.
      The name, value, localized value, class, and ruleset for the rule are displayed.
    3. To edit the localized value for the field value rule, click the Open rule in Dev Studio icon.
      The rule opens in the Dev Studio tab.
      • Go to the Dev Studio tab.
      • In the To field for the rule, enter the translated value.
      • Click Save.
    4. Return to the portal tab and click Refresh to see the updated translation.
    5. Repeat steps 3a through 3d for any field that needs to be changed.
  4. Optional: To review another screen, do the following steps.
    1. Close the Localization pane.
    2. Navigate to another screen in your application.
    3. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the new screen.
  5. Close the Localization pane.
  6. Exit from the user portal.
What to do next: If new rulesets were created during the import process, they are not password-protected. As a best practice, when you are finished testing, open the ruleset name form, set up passwords, and lock the ruleset.