Localized properties

The properties that can be translated are listed in the following table. Any property that is not listed here cannot be translated.

Note: Some field value rules might already be defined in the local language pack that is installed on your system.
Applies to Name Purpose
@baseclass pyActionPrompt A sentence that represents a longer translated form of a pyActionLabel. It is presented as a tooltip.
@baseclass pyButtonLabel An imperative verb that conveys a command from the user to the application, such as verb that appears on buttons or links to be clicked. Examples of the English-language forms are Save, Cancel, Submit, Next, and OK.
@baseclass pyCaption An imperative verb or verb plus object that is a request to the user, for example, Select a value and Click to close.

This text can also be a single word noun or noun phrase. Typically this text is used for localized versions of field labels in sections and harnesses, and in column headings in reports.

@baseclass pyInstructions Application-specific instructions to a user regarding a human task in a flow. The instructions can appear on a worklist. Typically, these instructions start with an imperative verb and contain no more than six words.
@baseclass pyLabel Short descriptions for the work types (concrete class rules derived from Work- ) in the application.
@baseclass pyMessageLabel Localized alert messages contained in JavaScript.
@baseclass pyStatusLabel Localized versions of work item status values, such as New, Open, and Resolved.
@baseclass pyToolTip Localized versions of hover text.