The setMaxNumberOfActionsPerRequest method sets a maximum number of actions within a single request.


setMaxNumberOfActionsPerRequest ( numberOfActions )


The table below describes the setMaxNumberOfActionsPerRequest method parameters.

Name Description Type Use
numberOfActions Set the parameter to an integer value larger than 0 to limit the number of actions that can be forwarded within a single request. By default the parameter is set to -1, which switches the limit off. integer required


This method returns a promise object, which can be in one of the following states:

  • Resolve - confirms that the operation has completed successfully.

  • Reject - returns an object that is an instance of a generic Error class, as described below.

      "name": error_code
      "message": detailed_message

Where error_code stands for one of the error codes described in the Constants section of the Client Store article and detailed_message can be an additional message from the native side.

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