Enables you to implement mechanisms to block access to an app and to log the user into the Pega Platform.

You can obtain an instance of the object by using the window.launchbox.Authentication reference.


This object belongs to the Authentication product module.


Name Description Type
Type The Type enum that defines available authentication types. object


The table below lists all constants of the Authentication object that are used as failure codes.

Name Description
window.launchbox.Authentication.InvalidCredentialsError Denotes that the credentials provided by the user are invalid.
window.launchbox.Authentication.EntryAlreadyExistsErrorDenotes that an entry already exists for the provided credentials.
window.launchbox.Authentication.EntryDoesNotExistErrorDenotes that an entry does not exist for the provided credentials.
window.launchbox.Authentication.InternalErrorDenotes that an internal error has occurred.
window.launchbox.Authentication.InvalidInputDataErrorDenotes that the data provided is invalid.
window.launchbox.Authentication.NetworkErrorDenotes that a network error has occurred.
window.launchbox.Authentication.UnexpectedServerResponseErrorDenotes that the server has returned an unexpected response.
window.launchbox.Authentication.WrongClientVersionErrorDenotes that Pega Mobile Client is in a version that is not supported by the Pega Platform.
window.launchbox.Authentication.AccountLockedErrorDenotes that the user account associated with the credentials has been locked.
window.launchbox.Authentication.FingerprintUnavailableErrorDenotes that the fingerprint recognition hardware is not present in the device.
window.launchbox.Authentication.FingerprintFailedErrorDenotes that the fingerprint recognition process has failed.
window.launchbox.Authentication.FingerprintCancelledErrorDenotes that the fingerprint recognition processhas been cancelled.


Name Description

Creates an authenticator object of a requested type.

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